Upon Special Agreement

1. In the event of liquidation of the Department of Special Drawing Rights, participants meet their obligations to the Fund in ten semi-annual tranches or for a period that the Fund deems necessary, in a freely usable currency and in the currencies of participants holding special drawing rights that will be cashed in installments within the limits of such a refund. , as defined by the Fund. The first semi-annual payment comes six months after the decision to liquidate the Special Drawing Rights Division. In addition to commitments made with respect to special drawing rights arising from other articles of this agreement, each participant undertakes to cooperate with the Fund and other participants to ensure the proper functioning of the Underwriting Rights Department and the correct use of special drawing rights in accordance with this agreement and to make the Special Drawing Right the main reserve asset of the international monetary system. The money the Fund receives from a resilient participant is used by the Fund to exchange special drawing rights held by participants in proportion to the amount of each participant`s participation in special drawing rights at the time the Fund receives the coin for its cumulative net allocation. Special drawing rights thus collected and special drawing rights received by a participant terminate, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, in order to satisfy any waterproofing agreement or scheduleD rates due and charged at this rate are void. 2. When it is decided to liquidate the fund within six months of the date of the decision to liquidate the preferential subscription rights division, the liquidation of the Special Drawing Rights Division only occurs when the special drawing rights held in the general resource account have been distributed in accordance with the following rule. : the method of assessing the right to draw is determined by the Fund by a majority of 70% of the total votes. , provided that a majority of 85% of the total votes is necessary to change the principle of evaluation or to fundamentally change the application of the current principle. An application to review a judgment can only be made if it is based on the finding of a fact which is a determining factor which, at the time of the judgment, was unknown to the Court of Justice and the party seeking a review, provided that the ignorance of that party is not based on negligence (Article 61, paragraph 1). An application for review is made by an application (rules, Article 99) 6.

The Fund cooperates, as part of this agreement, with all general international organizations and with international public organizations that have specialized missions in related areas. Any provision for such cooperation, which would involve a modification of a provision of this agreement, can only be made after amending this agreement, in accordance with Article XXVIII. (3) For the purposes of 2, 0.888 671 grams of fine gold is equal to a special drawing fee and the amount of currency to be paid below 2 is determined on that basis and on the basis of the value of the currency in the sense of the special drawing right at the time of dismissal.