Nz Labour Green Agreement

On 26 July, the kindergartens of the New Zealand Institute of Education voted in favour of an agreement with the Ministry of Education that places the remuneration of early childhood teachers on an equal footing with primary and secondary school teachers. Early childhood education teachers will receive a pay increase of at least 18.5% by July 2020, n.d. NZEI members will receive a lump sum of NZ$1,500 and there will be an increase in child care allowances for headteachers and head teachers. [139] [140] Jacinda Ardern`s Labour Party has signed a cooperation agreement with the Greens, said the Prime Minister, saying she hoped the agreement would be an additional level of stability for her second term in government. 22. If a broad participation in the development of a political initiative has taken place and this participation has resulted in an agreed position, both sides should publicly support the process and the outcome of that agreement. This does not prevent the parties from noting that the agreed position differs from their stated policy. Stuff understands that the deal was backed by 85 percent of delegates – an overwhelming majority, but the number of opposing votes is up from the 2017 confidence and delivery vote, when only three delegates opposed it. 5.

The Labour government, for its part, is committed to cooperating constructively with the Greens in order to advance the political objectives set out in this agreement, in addition to the political programme of the Labour Party. 24. The President of the Labour Party and the co-leaders of the Greens will meet every six weeks to monitor the progress made in the areas of cooperation defined in this agreement. The Chiefs of Staff will meet regularly. On June 26, 2019, the teachers` union, the New Zealand Educational Institute, voted to adopt the government`s $1.5 billion collective agreement. This collective agreement contains a new single wage structure that will restore parity across the state`s school sector. Among the most important provisions are an 18.5% increase in the basic salaries of all teachers by July 2021 and whether teachers can benefit from a new peak salary of $90,000 million in the third quarter. While primary school teachers voted to accept the government`s offer, school leaders refused the offer and demanded better wages and working conditions.

[125] [126] [127] On June 28, 2019, the High School Teachers` Union, the Post Primary Teachers` Association, voted by a 65% majority in favour of the government`s wage offer, which included a 1,500 NZ package and a 3% pay increase in July and over the next three years. [128] [129] [130] In early November 2019, New Zealand and China agreed on an assessment of their free trade agreement. China has agreed to relax restrictions on New Zealand imports, commit to environmental standards and give NCBs preferential access to its trade in wood and paper.